The “What To Do” Guide to Having Roommates

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  1. The “What To Do” Guide to Having Roommates

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    Whether you’re rooming with a long-time close friend, a handful of your fellow classmates or even if you roommate was a complete stranger until the day you started sharing a bathroom – whatever relationship you have with your roommate, there are some “do’s” and “don’ts” to sharing a living space. Luckily we have compiled the ultimate guide of what to do when you live with roommates.

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    1 – Be clear, fair and honest from day one. This is important. Discuss each other’s’ schedules and lifestyles and be honest about your pet peeves and preferences. If you can’t handle a mess, vocalize that from the start. Also remember to be fair. If you work 3rd shift and need to sleep during the day, your roommate may need to consider their volume during day time hours. With that said, expecting silence at 3:00 in the afternoon could also be unrealistic.

    2 – Consider your roommate when you want to have company over. You may not have to work or go to class in the morning, but maybe your roomie does. If you’re planning a get together, run the idea by your roommate to make sure that won’t hinder anything on their schedule.

    3 – Clean up after yourself. Although it sounds like common sense, common sense is not always as common as we may think. Especially in common areas, it is very important to clean up after yourself. Kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms can quickly become cluttered and dirty and roommates pointing fingers to blame for the mess. If you make sure to clean up after yourself, you don’t have to worry about the mess being your fault and your roommates feeling like you don’t pitch in.


    1 – Don’t take or use your roommate’s things without permission. This rule is a pretty important one that again might seem like common sense, but if it’s not yours, you should get permission to use it before you use it. Not after, not while, before. Clothing, gadgets, cookware, toiletries, you name it – you need permission to use it!

    2 – Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you want to be happy, you have got to be good. Everyone has little annoying quirks, everyone has pet peeves. Living with another human is challenging, it is about compromise and it is about having patience, compassion, consideration and respect for one another. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If there’s really a problem, address is right away. But if you’re upset that your roomie brushes his teeth funny, get over it!

    3 – Don’t be closed minded. Again, no two people are the same. People can have very different lifestyles, preferences and beliefs. Having total intolerance for something won’t get you very far with your roomie. Try your hardest to have an open mind and respect other people’s opinions and beliefs. You may even be daring enough to try something new. Go ahead, it couldn’t hurt!

    There you have it! Living with roommates can be tough, but it can also be a lot of fun. As long as you have common ground, respect and a positive attitude, you’re all set!

  2. Part 2: Senior Year Survival Guide: The Bucket List

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    The BucketlistCollege has been an amazing, exciting and tribulating time in your life. But as all good things come to an end, so does college. With graduation becoming more than just a distant dream, and becomes a day marching almost too close for comfort; we have compiled this Senior Year Survival Guide to help you organize and strategize your final months and help graduation seem less daunting.

    We compiled a checklist of things to complete before graduation in Part 1. Part 2 is all about the Bucket List!

    The Bucket List

    Visit your favorite places
    Whenever you have a chance, take time to visit some of your favorite places on campus or in town. That coffee shop you used to study at freshman year to get out of the dorms, that tiny creek that runs behind all the buildings that you used to have quiet study lunches in the Spring and Fall. The popular sledding spot that you’ve been down far too many times and barely remember. The little dive bar that has the best bar food within walking distance of campus that’s always virtually empty and used to be your fourth meal spot. Take the time to re-visit and re-live those moments.

    Make time for your family
    When you think about college graduation, you generally don’t think about not seeing your family as much. But here’s the truth – the working world doesn’t give Spring and Winter breaks, the working world does not offer Summer vacation. The working world, especially for new grads is grueling and demanding. Plan to be working 40 hours on a generous week. Time with your family becomes increasingly limited when your responsibilities quadruple overnight.

    Say Yes!
    When someone asks you to go do something on campus, do it! Remember all the times you said no to something that didn’t seem to be that much fun, or you were tired from the night before, or whatever the excuse was – don’t make excuses (with the exception of school work)! Take advantage of all that campus and the city has to offer. Try something new, you might like it!

    Take in every moment
    Next time you’re surrounded by your best college friends, laughing and making memories, take a step back and appreciate this time. Appreciate that you have this time to laugh and enjoy this carefree moment with people you have grown to love so much. Remember that this time is limited and precious.

  3. 15 Discounts for UWO Students in the Fox Valley

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    Being a student in the Fox Valley has its perks. Take advantage of them while you can! Here are 15 discounts you can get in the Fox Valley area just by presenting a valid Titan I.D.


    1. Benvenuto’s Italian Grill offers $5 off any purchase of $30 or more for those with a student I.D.
    2. Cherry Berry frozen yogurt bar offers 10% daily discount after a check-in on Facebook.
    3. Cousins Subs offers 10% discount for those who present a student I.D.
    4. Delta Family Restaurant offers 15% discount on food only.
    5. IHOP offers a 20% discount with a Titan I.D.
    6. Lou’s Brew Café and Lounge offers a 10% discount.


    7. Banana Republic offers 15% discount for in-store purchases.
    8. Paper Tiger Book Store offers a 10% discount on purchases.
    9. J. Crew online offers 15% discount off full-prices items.
    10. Bed bath & Beyond offers 4% cash back for online purchases.


    11. Marcus Theatres offers $5 Thursday night movies for students and alumni when you present your Titan Card.
    12. Midas offers $10 off after you spend $100, $20 off when you spend $200 and $30 off when you spend $300.
    13. Smart Style Family Hair Salon offers 10% discount on service.
    14. Tanzania Medi Spa offers $25 unlimited tanning for students only.
    15. FedEx offers 30% off documents and 20% off shipping online.

    View even more in-store and online discounts available to students, alumni, and staff at here

  4. College Life: Holiday Decor on a Budget

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    We all get a bit homesick around the holidays. Just knowing that there is a home filled with family, gifts and goodies waiting for you after a long semester. Student renters find themselves wanting to make a little holiday spirit in their apartments as a preparation of festivities.

    tabletop-mini-christmas-tree-decorationsHere is a short list of creative, simple ways to decorate your apartment on a budget:

    • Buy a mini, artificial tree. Decorate it with pictures of your friends cut out in shapes of ornaments. Many big box stores sell pre-lit 3′ trees for under $20.
    • If you don’t have a space to put the tree in front of a window, place a mirror behind it to amplify the light!
    • Take shoeboxes and wrap them in inexpensive wrapping paper or kraft paper.
    • Have picture frames in your space? Wrap those too, where they stand, in wrapping paper. This adds a nice pop of festivity around the place.
    • End of semester and you have a lot of left over printed syllabi? Make cut out snowflakes with all that paper – make something that was once stressful and make something pretty!

    What are the ways your decorate your space for the holidays? Any traditions or something you’d like to share?

  5. Save BIG this Winter on Heating Bills

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    EnergyBillsJust when we are getting started to save money and spend big on holiday presents, is about the same time our energy bills increase due to the cold. That’s right, we said it: the cold. We live in Wisconsin where we throw boiling water in the air to watch it freeze as a past time.

    We knowing that majority of our energy costs go to heat per year. So we need to take extra steps to put extra back in our pockets. Therefore we have compiled for you a list of ways to help save on heating costs:

    • Keep furniture, carpeting and curtains from blocking heat registers and air return ducts

    • If radiators are located near cold outside walls, place a sheet of aluminum foil between the radiator and the wall to reflect heat back into the room

    • Don’t overheat your home and overwork your furnace. Use supplemental heating equipment for hard-to-heat areas

    • When replacing your furnace, look for one that’s at least 90 percent efficient

    • Close your attic, basement, garage and exterior doors to prevent cold drafts and keep in heat

    • Ceiling fans set at slow speed push warm air away from the ceiling and move it around the room without creating a chilling breeze. This spreads the heat more evenly and will make you feel more comfortable

    For additional ideas, check out our previous tip posts: Tip #1 | Tip #2

    Feel free to explore for more resources.

  6. Shrink Energy Bills: Tip #2

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    QuickTipImageNo one likes a leak. So seal yours!

    Sealing air leaks saves, on average, 10 percent or more on heating bills. That’s an average of $50-$170 per year.

    Cost: $30-$50 for materials

    Payback time: Starting six months

  7. Shrink Energy Bills: Tip #1

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    QuickTipImageDoes your home or rental have a chimney?

    If so – choke your chimney. A tightly closed damper prevents up to 8 percent of furnace-heated air from going up the chimney and out of your home.

    Cost to complete: FREE
    Payback time: IMMEDIATELY

  8. Schwab Properties Campus Escape Contest!

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    Schwab Contest

    Need a break from homework, classes, or campus? That’s what we thought! At Schwab Properties, we know all about being off campus. That’s why we want to give you and your friends an escape for the night!

    To Enter!

    To enter all you have to do is like the Schwab Properties Facebook page and share a Schwab post! The winner will be randomly selected from the next 500 Facebook page likes. Remember, if your friends win, you win, because this is a group event!

    The Prize!

    If you are selected then you and your friends get a $250 all-inclusive party at Mahoney’s! That’s a lot kiddy cocktails. Bring all of your friends and take a break from campus, on us.

    Click here to like us on Facebook


    Disclaimer: This Gift Card Prize can be used for Food and Beverage purchases at Mahoney’s: 30 Wisconsin St, Oshkosh, WI 54901 (920-230-3737). This card cannot be redeemed for cash. Lost or stolen cards will not be replaced. If this card is not used for 12 consecutive months, a service charge of $2 per month will be deducted from your balance until the card is used of depleted. Must present this card at time of purchase. CARD NOT VALID FOR TIPS. Schwab Properties is not held responsible for the choices made by gift card recipient or how the recipient chooses to use said gift card.