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Carbon Monoxide Notice

Single and Two Family Dwellings

State Law requires the Landlord install carbon monoxide detectors in the basement of the dwelling unit, not later than February 1, 2011.

Landlord has installed functional carbon monoxide detectors that bear an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., listing mark or similar mark from an independent product safety certification organization and has installed the detectors according the directions and specifications of the manufacturer. The carbon monoxide detector may be combined with a smoke detector.

Tenant shall maintain any carbon monoxide detectors in the Premises.

Tenant must provide the Landlord with written notice if a detector is not functional. Landlord must repair the detector within Five (5) days after receipt of such written notice by the Tenant.

Landlord is not liable for damages incurred from any of the following:
(1) A false alarm from a detector that was reasonably maintained.
(2) The failure of a detector to operate properly, if the failure was the result of tampering, removal or destruction of the detector by a person other than the Lordlord; orĀ 
(3) The result of a faculty detector that was reasonably maintained by the Landlord.

No person may tamper with, remove, destroy, disconnect, or remove batteries from an installed carbon monoxide detector, except in the course of inspection, maintenance, or replacement of the detector.

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Tenant Acknowledges that, by returning this form, all carbon monoxide detectors in the dwelling are working properly. Tenant Acknowledges that, by returning this form, they are aware of all carbon monoxide detectors.

By checking this box, all tenants at the address above accept this page, and it is the responsibility of the tenants to agree to the information on this page and this form.

Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter.