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The All Important Question: Where Will I Live Next School Year?

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WHERE WILL I LIVE NEXT YEARYou’ve just settled into your new apartment where you will be living for the school year. The excitement of your college semester starting is probably the main thing on your mind. However, it is also the time to be thinking about where you will live next school year.

What to look for

There are many things to consider when deciding on your next apartment. It may be tempting to pick an apartment closest to your favorite coffee shop or hang out, but there are a lot of other deciding factors. First, how close is the property to campus? The costs associated with having to drive to campus everyday can add up, especially if you want to park on campus. Second, try to find a place close to a grocery or convenience store. Eating out every night is tempting but gets costly.

Then there is the thing most people think of; how expensive is rent? Your monthly rent is an important thing to consider, but equally important is what utilities are included. An apartment charging only $300 per month may sound like a steal, until you find out heat, water and electric are all extra. Many Schwab properties include some if not all utilities in the monthly rent. This is not only cheaper, but allows you to estimate your monthly expenses without worry of how much utilities will jump month to month.

Finally, make sure the property you’re looking at fits your needs in terms of space and whether you like the layout. While you will probably be spending a lot of time out of the apartment, you want to be comfortable on those long nights of studying.

Start looking now!

Showings of 2016 campus properties typically start in September. This means if there’s a property you have your eyes on for next year, you’ll want to be ready to sign up within the first couple of weeks. If you don’t have a place picked out yet, you can view tons of Schwab campus properties at this here. Just keep in mind the above tips, and you’ll be signed up for your dream campus property in no time!

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