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Oshkosh Bus Schedule and Routes: Including Convenient Stops

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schwab - Oshkosh BusGoTransit in Oshkosh and Neenah has convenient and affordable stops across Oshkosh and Neenah. GoTransit has bus stops within walking distance of nearly every Oshkosh resident and business; from food, shopping, hospitals and entertainment.

Rout 1: Bowen/Hazel – The Bowen/Hazel rout rout runs through Oshkosh’s Northside with stops near Aurora Health Center off Bowen, and Menominee Park. Click here for map.

Rout 2: Main/Jackson – The Main/Jackson rout has many stops throughout Oshkosh’s historic downtown. Stops include Pick n’ Save, Walgreens, Planet Fitness, Cherry Berry and other fast food restaurants. This rout also runs through downtown’s many pubs, grills and bars. Click here for map.

Rout 3: FVTC/New York – The FVTC/New York rout is perfect for hitting up the public library, river front Titan Stadium and FVTC. Click here for map.

Rout 4: Murdock/Logan – The Murdock/Logan route takes you out the north side of Jackson street to many of the residential neighborhoods in Oshkosh’s Northside. Convenient stops include county park, St. Vincent De Paul and other Oshkosh thrift stores. Click here for map.

Rout 5: UWO/Westowne – The UWO/Westowne rout stretches all the over to Oshkosh’s west side with stops including Pollock Community Pool, DMV and Oshkosh Public Museum. Click here for map.

Rout 6: Witzel/9th – The Witzle/9th rout will take you through the heart of Oshkosh including the movie theatre, Walmart, A&W, and more of Oshkosh’s fantastic shopping and restaurants. Click here for map.

Rout 7: Washburn/Koeller – Just like the Witzel/9th rout, Washburn/Koeller takes you right through the center of Oshkosh in the other direction. Head over to Ford Festival field, EAA and more. Click here for map.

Rout 8: 20th/South Park – The 20th/South Park route is where you’ll find the many homes of your favorite Oshkosh folk. Stop and check out fishing, tennis and basketball at South Park and Ardy & Ed’s 50’s style drive-in just a couple blocks off 20th. Click here for map.

Rout 9: Oakwood – The Oskwood rout will give you direct access to Mercy Oakwood hospital, the YMCA, the Outlet Mall and Walmart. Click here for map.

Rout 10: Neenah – The Neenah rout connects the cities of Oshkosh and Neenah. Intercity fares apply. Click here for map.

Oshkosh is a great place to live, work and entertain. And the best part is, transportation is the least of your worries! Wherever you want to go, let GoTransit take you! For questions about the best places to see and explore in and around Oshkosh, stay tuned to the Schwab blog!

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