15 Discounts for UWO Students in the Fox Valley

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  1. 15 Discounts for UWO Students in the Fox Valley

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    Being a student in the Fox Valley has its perks. Take advantage of them while you can! Here are 15 discounts you can get in the Fox Valley area just by presenting a valid Titan I.D.


    1. Benvenuto’s Italian Grill offers $5 off any purchase of $30 or more for those with a student I.D.
    2. Cherry Berry frozen yogurt bar offers 10% daily discount after a check-in on Facebook.
    3. Cousins Subs offers 10% discount for those who present a student I.D.
    4. Delta Family Restaurant offers 15% discount on food only.
    5. IHOP offers a 20% discount with a Titan I.D.
    6. Lou’s Brew Café and Lounge offers a 10% discount.


    7. Banana Republic offers 15% discount for in-store purchases.
    8. Paper Tiger Book Store offers a 10% discount on purchases.
    9. J. Crew online offers 15% discount off full-prices items.
    10. Bed bath & Beyond offers 4% cash back for online purchases.


    11. Marcus Theatres offers $5 Thursday night movies for students and alumni when you present your Titan Card.
    12. Midas offers $10 off after you spend $100, $20 off when you spend $200 and $30 off when you spend $300.
    13. Smart Style Family Hair Salon offers 10% discount on service.
    14. Tanzania Medi Spa offers $25 unlimited tanning for students only.
    15. FedEx offers 30% off documents and 20% off shipping online.

    View even more in-store and online discounts available to students, alumni, and staff at here

  2. Part 1: Senior Year Survival Guide: The Checklist

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    Senior Year Survival Guide imageCollege has been an amazing, exciting and tribulating time in your life. But as all good things come to an end, so does college. With graduation becoming more than just a distant dream, and becomes a day marching almost too close for comfort; we have compiled this Senior Year Survival Guide to help you organize and strategize your final months and help graduation seem less daunting.

    The Checklist

    Balance your time wisely
    Senior year goes by so fast. You may feel the need to cram in every single party or get together. While enjoying this time with your friends is important, you don’t want to find yourself falling behind in class work, or failing a really important exam because the party didn’t end until 3am. Find a healthy balance between socializing, reminiscing, and taking in the last of your college life, and make sure to make time to prepare for next year – because contrary to past belief, there is life after college.

    Make a budget
    Hopefully you’ve been living on a budget you’ve planned for yourself to make it through college, and so getting into the habit of sticking to a budget won’t feel like learning a new language overnight. A lot changes after college. No more financial aid, and no more student discounts. Now you’re paying back your student loans, looking for a job, or working something entry level. Finances will change quickly after graduation, and you should prepare yourself ahead of time.

    Have a goal in mind
    The scariest part about senior year is having to decide what you want to do next. The most important thing to remember is as long as you have a goal and have the will to reach it, the path you take to get there will fall into place as you go. Don’t worry so much about your game plan or road map. Have a goal in mind and know where you want to see yourself in the future. Remember, the rest will fall into place.

  3. College Life: Holiday Decor on a Budget

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    We all get a bit homesick around the holidays. Just knowing that there is a home filled with family, gifts and goodies waiting for you after a long semester. Student renters find themselves wanting to make a little holiday spirit in their apartments as a preparation of festivities.

    tabletop-mini-christmas-tree-decorationsHere is a short list of creative, simple ways to decorate your apartment on a budget:

    • Buy a mini, artificial tree. Decorate it with pictures of your friends cut out in shapes of ornaments. Many big box stores sell pre-lit 3′ trees for under $20.
    • If you don’t have a space to put the tree in front of a window, place a mirror behind it to amplify the light!
    • Take shoeboxes and wrap them in inexpensive wrapping paper or kraft paper.
    • Have picture frames in your space? Wrap those too, where they stand, in wrapping paper. This adds a nice pop of festivity around the place.
    • End of semester and you have a lot of left over printed syllabi? Make cut out snowflakes with all that paper – make something that was once stressful and make something pretty!

    What are the ways your decorate your space for the holidays? Any traditions or something you’d like to share?