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How to Find the Right House to Rent


There isn’t a bachelor’s degree or emphases in how to find the right house to rent, but it is definitely a science! There are a few things one can do to have an advantage and find the best possible renting location for college. Here is a list of the most important things to consider when searching for a dream house to rent.

Plan ahead – Seems simple right? Having a head start on the entire renting process will allow for the best possible location. A lot of people wait till last second to find a house to rent—that is why they don’t have a very nice place. Being aggressive is key to being able to find an awesome place. Start planning before it seems necessary and the opportunity for better houses will be there when the time comes.

Research landlords – Be weary of bad landlords. There are a multitude of renters out there and they usually have reviews online. Make sure to research every possible landlord and find the ones with the best reviews. Keep in mind that larger companies tend to have better support systems for maintenance, customer service, etc. compared to landlords who simply have a house or two that they rent as side cash. [We happen to know a fabulous company, click here to contact!]

Consider the parking situation – Parking is essential, do not neglect thinking about this aspect. Sometimes it can be the perfect five-room house, but there are only four parking spots. This can present a huge problem if every roommate needs constant access to his or her vehicle. Talk to your landlord to figure out possible solutions to the parking situation before signing a lease. Make sure to consider parking heavily when house searching.

Make a checklist of necessary requirements – Sometimes it can be tough to compare houses and it can lead to subjective judgments. A way around this type of problem is to sit down with future roommates and create a checklist of what is wanted in a potential house. Things such as having more than one bathroom, having two-car garage, or making sure there is a large living room could be necessities for the list. Then, when visiting each location, it is then easier to check what each house has and allows simple factual comparisons to find the perfect home.

Visit at least 3-4 houses – Making sure to visit more than one location is also very important to find the best possible house to rent. Rushing into a house that seems great at first won’t guarantee the best situation because there won’t be anything to compare to. Imagine only tasting beef flavored ramen noodles and deciding they were the best before experiencing other fabulous flavors like roast chicken or chili lime! The moral of the story is that to decide what is best between things, comparisons need to be made. That is why visiting multiple houses can ensure the best possible renting experience.

Renting can take some time but it is a fun opportunity to live the college life, make great friends and create memories. Follow these steps to be ahead of the renting game and find a great place to live. Don’t get stuck in a bad renting situation!

Have you found the perfect house to rent? Contact us to discuss what you are looking for or check out our special property search feature on our website to find your next living space:



  1. Frank Delaware

    A friend of mine is thinking about renting a house, and we wanted to make sure he chose the right one. It’s interesting that you say to research the landlord of the area. It would be nice to know that they are going to give you the best and that others like them.

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